Monday, August 4, 2014


I really can't quite fathom why some people pay stupid amounts of money for a really fast car when all they are buying is frustration. When a vehicle has a top steep of 300 km/h there is hell of a lot of those kilometres an hour you will never get to use. I ride past Ferraris on my bike and the people in the people in them are miserable. It's understandable - they are going 290 kilometres an hour slower than they could be potentially going. Idiots...

If these people had one wish they would all wish for a massive dick. They would then get a dick that was so big no one would ever want to have sex with them. Forlornly they would then walk around, dragging their big massive wangs along the ground, and I would laugh at them the way I laugh when I see rich wankers in stupidly fast cars.

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