Monday, August 18, 2014

He who pays the piper

Currently political parties get their funding primarily from prostituting themselves to big business and rich people. This age-old system has served the rich well but has done very little to help the rest of us.

I propose a new system of compulsory political contributions. Under this system every eligible voter would be given an equal sum of money that they could contribute on a month by month basis to any party or candidate they liked. When they disagreed with something they could easily switch their contributions to someone else and leave a note saying why they have done so.

It could be something like "I am young, unemployed and don't think I can go six months without eating."

In this way politicians could no longer just butter voters up before elections and fuck them over after. They would also suffer an instant withdrawal of funds from thousands of voters every time they came out with something stupid like saying "poor people don't drive".

Under this system we could also make any other contributions illegal. Thus politicians could spend less time whoring themselves out to the wealthy and big business might actually have to pay some tax.

Ultimately we might have government that serves the people, which would be a very pleasant change.

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