Monday, August 25, 2014

Grey is the modern camouflage

Walking down my street I was becoming depressed about how many of them had been painted grey. People then pulled into the driveways in their grey cars, stepped out wearing grey suits and presumably walked inside to grey little worlds.

It wasn’t always like this, but a country which used to be painted in optimistic pastels has turned into a country of extremely bleak conservatism. I put it down to fear.

People are now afraid to stand out. They want to blend in to the background. They don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to themselves. They fear being the kid who has turned up to school in their Spiderman outfit when everyone else was in their grey uniform.

The very fact that most school children are forced to wear grey uniforms is worrying. No child ever wants to grey. It goes against all our human instincts. All five year olds want bright colours, sparkles and flashing lights if at all possible.

This natural instinct to be fabulous is gradually kicked out of people. As they grow up they realise the safe thing to do is to fit in.

Next time you see some joyous child running around with shoes that light up with each step, picture that kid in thirty years’ time. Chances are they will be a grey suit, driving a grey car and living in a grey house.

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