Thursday, February 3, 2011

For the glory of Virgin

I really don't care that Ian Thorpe is back swimming because there is no way he is swimming for the glory of his country - he is swimming for the glory of some airline owned by a Pom. I understand corporate sponsorship helps athletes make a living but I'm sick of them all being owned by a brand. If all those sponsors had not have thrown as much money at Thorpie in the first place he wouldn't have been able to afford to take six years off, swanning around the world attending fashion shows. The lazy prick might have got off is oversized arse and won us some gold at Beijing.

Is it really necessary that we call teams the Qantas Wallabies, the HSBC Waratahs or (back in the 90's) the Coca Cola Kings? The sponsors should really just all piss off and return sport to when it was amateur and awesome. I want occupation listed as one of the fields in every player profile - they should be getting fit by working as a garbo or a piano removalist, not being looked after by a team of sports scientists. I want to go to a stadium which isn't named after a telecommunications provider. I want athletes who are playing just because they love to punch on or want to get away from a nagging missus of a Saturday afternoon. I want them to warm up with Dencorub and cool down with a cheap domestic beer, not some bullshit isotonic sports drink. I want the love back!

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