Tuesday, February 15, 2011

White Space

White space is valued in graphic design. Designers realise that by clearing away all the extraneous bullshit the eye is concentrated on the things that are really important. Chefs have also come to understand this concept and thus often place their fancy little entrees on big white plates, making them look way more impressive.

I think the concept of white space needs to be expanded far further. Just imagine how many conversations could be improved with a little white space. Simply eliminate boring small talk, conversations about medical complaints, complaints about work, obvious statements, questions with obvious answers, questions that have already been asked, views that are already known and any other annoying bits which don't really add much.

Having a little white space would mean people wouldn't say nearly as much but when they did open their mouths you'd be excited to hear what was coming out and chances are it would be something far more interesting than "this mozzie bight is really itchy". Of course it's itchy, it's a mozzie bight. If you find yourself doing this get some cream, get over it and think of something more interesting.

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