Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is cyberbullying making kids fat?

It used to be that the school bully would chase you around the playground, tackle you to the ground, pin down your flailing limbs you and give you a wedgie. Whether you were the bully or the bullied a fair bit of energy was expended in the exchange.

Now however the bully just gets on facebook and calls the other kid a poohead. No wonder they are all such boombaladas. I really think there should be a campaign to bring back proper physical bullying. This would keep kids on their toes and develop their skills for running, evasion and self-defence.

Just imagine if lions stopped chasing after zebras and instead just chowed down on doritos while posting stuff online saying that zebras were shit and stripes were lame. You'd have an animal kingdom full of bitchy fat fucks and David Attenborough documentaries would become way more boring.

Harden up fat kids. A little violence is good for you.

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