Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Classy arms

With so many people covering themselves in ink I have devised a new product which promises to be a massive hit in about five years time when they realise the dragons/skulls/deeply meaningful Chinese symbols adorning their arms are all a bit crap. Classy Arms would be a lifelike second skin available in a variety of different sizes and tones with freckles, hair and everything. The men's version may even have a little padding in the bicep area to make them look that extra bit built. Classy arms would cost a few thousand dollars but compared to hundreds of hours of laser removal they'd be a far better option. People would buy them for weddings, job interviews and any other occasion where they didn't want to look like a bogan. When Classy Arms takes off I will follow it up with Classy Arse. This would eliminate tramp stamps, dodgy buttock tattoos and unsightly cellulite.

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