Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Women's logic in advertising

I love Labor's advertising campaign. Rather than relying on saying something positive about themselves or something negative about the opposition they have relied on the far more innovative tactic of exploiting women's logic.

The ad shows an average looking woman with an average looking man in an average looking house. Somehow she arrives at the conclusion that she should overlook the fact that Labor has completely fucked things up and vote for them again because otherwise she might give the Liberals too much power. To reaffirm how smart this woman is they follow this ad with another where her average looking husband completely changes his mind and basically says "you know what love, I think you are absolutely right - it would be completely silly for me to vote for the people I think were most capable of running things when I can just follow your logic to some obtuse conclusion." He does it without so many words or the sarcasm though.

Basically the campaign is trying to tell women that voting for Labor is such a smart thing to do that your husband will instantly see you as a far more thoughtful and intelligent person. Whoever devised this campaign is a frickin genius.

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