Monday, July 25, 2011

As good as Bradman

Whenever someone does something special people come straight out and compare them to Bradman. But how are you supposed to compare a cricketer who played 70 years ago with a cyclist winning the tour in 2011? Cadel's win was ridiculously frickin awesome but compare him to Bradman and all of a sudden everyone is going "he's good, but I don't know if we should put him up there with Bradman". Eddy Merckx is probably cycling's answer to Bradman but most of the people who start making comparisons are too stupid to know who the hell he is.

I also hate it when the first thing the media reports is about how much someone is going to make in sponsorship and endorsements. Do you think Cadel spent is whole life training ridiculously hard for the prospect of being rich? I think he was slightly more motivated by the glory of riding down the Champs Elysees with a few hundred thousand people cheering him on for being super mega good at riding a bike.

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