Monday, July 18, 2011


Taxing polluters for belching out carbon monoxide is probably a good idea but I think there are some other simple measures we can adopt that have some added benefits.

1. Get rid of speed bumps. All that needless slowing and acceleration causes pollution and pisses me off.

2. Make kids walk to school. If all the mums would just keep their 4WD's in the driveway maybe the little fuckers wouldn't be so fat.

3. Ban flights to Bali. It's not really worth producing all that carbon just for bogans can drink cheap piss with other Aussies and show off their amazing cultural experience by purchasing a bintang t-shirt.

4. Tax bottled water at 500%. If you are such a bloody snob that you can't use a bubbler you should have to pay $10 for your polluting plastic bottle.

5. Shut down bikram yoga studios. There's no need to waste all that heating energy just so some sweaty hippy can go one inch closer to sucking on their own genitals.

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