Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Go-get horse

Those go-get cars are a good idea if you don't already own a car but I do and I think it would be way cooler if I could go and ride a go-get horse. I know horses aren't the most popular form of transport these days but I reckon they would be if people could just ride them every now and then without having to worry about all that combing and feeding and re-shoeing. There is a small park just up the road which I think would be the perfect pick up spot for the go-get horse. I would like to just take the horse to the pub, tie him up out front, get in a Western style bar brawl/gun fight, get thrown out of the first floor window and land on my trusty go-get horse. Then he would just take me off into the sunset or something.

A go-get dog would also probably be good.

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