Thursday, April 1, 2010

Childhood Joy

I was at the supermarket the other day and checking out the easter eggs and they all looked kind of tempting but then I saw that a block of chocolate was actually way more economical. A 200 gram easter egg is probably about twice the cost as a 200 gram block of chocolate. So did I go for the block or the egg?

I went for neither because I realised the fact that I was even evaluating all this shit meant that I had lost the whole joy of it anyway. When you were a kid all the possibilities were amazing. Little eggs in a basket, a big football sized egg, a bunny shaped chocolate or my personal favourite - the egg filled up with smarties. There was no concern about the price of the chocolate, whether it was shithouse quality or whether eating a kilo of chocolate in the space of two days would have adverse health effects.

That's the awesome thing about childhood. You can be completely selfish and just do whatever makes you happy. If the slightest thing annoys you just scream and violently lash out until you get your way.

Adults suck. I'm going to buy myself some fuck off big egg and eat it in one go. Then I'm going to lick some cake mix...

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