Monday, April 5, 2010

Making Fashion More Interesting

Mannequins are always so lifeless - well obviously (unless they are in some bad 80’s movie with that slag from Sex and the City). It kind of annoys me how they are all just standing about looking all perfect, wearing their cool clothes and staring vacantly in to the distance. I’d like to see imperfect mannequins - mannequins with cold sores and pimples and razor rash; mannequins with a beer gut or a muffin top or a weird birthmark on their face. I don’t want them to be just standing their either. They should be doing dances, doffing their cap at passers by or if the robotics people get really good, juggling.

It also annoys me how runway models are always stick thin beautiful young things who just put on a pissed off look as they strut. Were I a fashion designer and I wanted to get a huge amount of press coverage I’d use people with down syndrome. For starters it would be way more fun because the models would all walk in different ways and do all sorts of cool unexpected things when they got to the end of the runway. It would also be controversial which is exactly what is required should you want to be cutting edge. It would also be a true test of design. If you can make a downie model look sharp it’s an awesome piece of clothing.

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