Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rocketcar Day

I used to think Christmas was pretty good. I also really looked forward to my birthday. Now however I have a new favourite day of the year.

Today while walking home from Marrickville with piles of shopping (including a massive Moreton Bay bug and a bottle Gelignite Jack’s Dynamite Dishwashing Liquid) we stumbled across Roacketcar Day. Rocketcar Day is awesome. For starters it involves rocketcars and by their very nature rocketcars have to be awesome. If you say to someone “want to see my rocketcar?” they’re going to want see your rocketcar – unless they are some kind of stuck up bitch.

The rocketcars come in an absolutely awesome array of designs. You may think I am using the word awesome a bit liberally but these rocketcars really were pretty damn awesome. There were Easter bunny rocketcars, miniature shopping trolley rocketcars, roller-skate rocketcars and even a fancy lobster rocketcar. It was art coming together with sport coming together with science. Best of all, the rockets are noisy and shoot flames out the back and propel the rocketcars quickly in random directions. Check out the slow motion video on the rocketcarday website to get a taste of it.

Passively smoke ganga, drink beer, enjoy a bit of sausage sizzle action and watch a sporting event that is about a million times more interesting than the Melbourne Cup. Rocketcar day – I can’t believe I have to wait a year till the next one.

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