Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I just spent a good portion of my day putting together a fancy Swedish bike carrier and fitting it to my roof racks. It's the kind of thing that is really easy when you know what you are doing but when you are like me it is completely crap and annoying. The most annoying thing are the instructions, which in some bizarre long-held Swedish tradition, don't have any words at all. They say that they do this so it can be universally understood - I just think they are way too cheap to hire translators.

I really didn't want to squint at some complex diagram to work out what I was supposed to do so instead I checked out YouTube and there was a video of some blonde chick installing it in about three seconds. That just annoyed me even more because she had the correct roof racks to start with and had obviously practised 35 times before to make it look ever so simple. Bitch.

I was in the rain awkwardly holding 2 partially disassembled roof racks (from a different manufacturer), a bike carrier, a set of allen keys and a bunch of crucial little metal parts that were likely to fall in the gutter and get washed away forever. It looked nothing like the video or the crap diagram instructions.

If they really wanted to help surely they would just colour code every screw and the thing that it goes into. They could also have a video with some useless bloke who shows you the fifteen different ways you can go wrong. That way your ego wouldn't feel so crushed when you stuff it up .

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