Thursday, May 26, 2011


When I worked at Kmart they used to have these cool pod things that you would put the cash in. You'd then put the pod in a tube and like magic it would be sucked up in to the roof at lightning speed. Using the money pods was pretty much the coolest thing about working at Kmart because there really wasn't much good about working at Kmart. For starters I was often wearing a novelty tie featuring Kermit the frog playing golf and on top of that embarrassment I spent most of my time scanning oversized underwear of oversized pensioners who would then pay with an assortment of small change and buttons which they mistook for small change. I once gave directions to Kamahl when he was trying to find David Jones but other than that the money pods were definitely the most positive memory I had.

I would really love it if instead of using boring means of transport such as cars, trains and buses we could use pods. Apparently it is possible. Some dude called Lyle Zapato has been working on it. Check it out

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