Friday, July 4, 2014

17th century rap videos

I was walking through the Louvre looking at all these old paintings and it struck me how indulgence was celebrated a few hundred years back. All these pictures had lavish feasts, with every type of dead animal, as well as fruit and wine and whole lot of nude shapely woman just lolling about. Everyone was having a grand time and no one looked like they were dieting or busy responding to a mobile phone message from work. Some rich bloke had obviously just said "I am going to have the most awesome picnic ever and I am going to get a painter to document the whole fabulous thing. Rah".

Then it struck me. These paintings are just seventeenth century rap videos. The abundance of curvy women, the celebration of being stupidly wealthy and hedonistic - it was all there.

As much as I am not really a fan of rap videos I do like the fact that the rappers seem to be enjoying themselves. Too often in our society the only thing that is celebrated is denial.

Look at the scarily skinny bitches we hold up to be the ideal of female beauty. The primary reason these models are admired seems to be there ability to deny themselves anything more than one stick of celery a week.

People deny themselves free time and are held up to be awesome because they are such hard workers. Women deny themselves sex and are held up to be virtuous and somehow more desirable. People deny themselves the freedom to smile in public for the fear others might think they are fucking nuts.

Society seems to want us to live dull, pathetic lives of restraint and denial until we die at age 110 with well maintained teeth, a healthy liver and a little left over in our superannuation accounts.

Eat, fuck, enjoy yourself. Go home early. Spend your money on something stupid. Live goddamn it - LIVE!

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