Monday, July 21, 2014

Museum of ideas

Art museums are generally shit. People stare at some pictures on the wall, keep their mouths shut and leave feeling just as uninspired as when they went in. They may have seen something that was pretty, or well done, or something which hinted at an idea. Rarely however will they see something that provokes a debate or any response much bigger than a semi-arched eyebrow.

The major problem is that visual art is a cumbersome way of expressing an idea. That's why we invented words.

The other factor is that the only work that makes its way into an art museum is from people who call themselves artists. Artists are often pretentious wankers who explore the exact same ideas that other pretentious artists wankers from history have already explored.  They are then too piss-weak to even say what their ideas are, hiding their message in some vague symbolism and saying that it is up to the audience to interpret it.

My proposal is to do away with the whole annoying art bit that makes art galleries so dull. Ideas are always the most exciting bit, so why not make them the feature of a museum?

The more provocative the better. Hopefully people would visit, read the ideas on the wall, then  have an argument and break up with the person they came there with. At the very least it should be interesting enough to take their minds in different directions, so they are forced to think of something other than where they will get their next coffee or what phone they are going to buy.

It would also become far more democratic. Rather than just "artists" being exhibited, you could feature the ideas of Gary the plumber, Fred the baker or Gwenda the prostitute. One week it could showcase the ideas of taxi drivers, the next week it could be the ideas of seven year old girls.

The topics could change every week, giving the opportunity for fresh controversies and a reason for people to keep going back.

And lastly, because there would be no need to purchase stupidly expensive artworks it would cost bugger all to set up and run.

It's just an idea.

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