Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Arming service station attendants

Late night service stations tend to get robbed a lot by terrifying people with big knifes and guns. So why shouldn't the government pay to give service station attendants guns?

Chances are you think this idea is stupid - even more stupid than all my other stupid ideas. You may point out that this action is far more likely to end up with service station attendants getting their heads blown off and  little bits of skull and brain splattered all over the 2 for 1 Mars Bars. Were I a politician and I came up with this stupid idea I would be roundly criticised and told I was a complete raving lunatic.

So why is it that giving guns to Iraqis is so different? Rather than encourage vulnerable people to seek refuge, we tell them "Here's an AK47. Best of luck".

Suppose I am some Kurdish accountant who has just been presented with a shiny new machine gun. Chances are I will not know what I am doing and will get my head blown off in the first fire fight. After killing me the ISIS combatant will take my shiny new machine gun.

Effectively Australia will have paid loads of money to get me killed and bring weapons to ISIS. Smart one Team Australia!

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