Monday, September 15, 2014

Going mainstream

This week Apple really discovered the pitfalls of going mainstream when they thrust a U2 album upon their loyal customers/cult members.

For a brand wanting to be seen as young and fresh, associating their product with rich middle-aged white guys who were at their peak 20 years ago didn't really seem smart. The people who Apple should be targeting weren't even alive when the Joshua Tree was put out. This generation now instantly perceive Apple as a brand for clueless old people with artificial hips.

There is something awful about anything designed to be mainstream. It's why politics is so shit. It's why Top 40 radio is horrible. It's why most TV shows are crap and why most ads make you want to smack yourself in the head with the remote control.

Anything universally acceptable is dull. To excite you need to push the boundaries, not land safely in the middle.

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