Thursday, September 18, 2014

Where's my fridge magnet?

Back when we last needed to be scared the government spent our money mailing out everyone fridge magnets. Somehow I missed out on receiving my "be alert, not alarmed" fridge magnet and never got to know what the number is for the terrorism hotline. I've been alarmed about this for a decade.

I'm hoping I might get one this time around because at the moment I'm frightfully ill-prepared. If I see some terrorists lurking around I will have to call Barry the Plumber or the 24 hour locksmith, who I both have fridge magnets for.

The fridge magnet for the locksmith does seem a little ill-conceived though. Surely if you have made it to  your fridge you are inside and don't need a locksmith... Perhaps it is for fancy people who have a beer fridge out the back.

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