Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bring Back Bob-a-Job

Back in the day when you had a job you really couldn’t be fucked doing you saved it up for bob a job. Some little ten year old scout would knock on the door and you could pay them a token amount to clean your gutters, sweep out the backyard or clip the nails of your pit bull. What a completely awesome scheme!

I need someone to clean out under the house and I’d rather that someone was cheap, able to easily fit in to small spaces and wearing a woggle. Sadly bob a job has been axed because everyone is freaked out about kiddy fiddlers or something.

Scouts now probably just sell chocolate or some shit. That’s not helping me. I can get chocolate cheaper from the supermarket. The people need dirty deeds done dirt cheap and kids need to harden the fuck up with a wee bit of manual labour.

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