Saturday, March 27, 2010

Planes shit me

I just went to Melbourne and it annoys me how long it takes to get there. If I operated an airline I reckon I could slash door to door travel times by half. The first thing I'd do is get rid of schedules. Instead I'd just have five planes that go back and forth all day long. As soon as one fills up with passengers it takes off. You just get to the airport when you get there - not an hour before the departure time plus a safety margin of another 30 minutes because you are freaked out that your ticket will be revoked if there's a traffic jam.

The next thing I'd do is ban check in baggage. Instead I'd just have an open section at the back of the plane where people sit on their stupid oversized suitcases.

After that I would get rid of all this taxiing the planes do. Why the hell do you need to do 3 laps of the airport before you take off? I'd also make the planes take off in the direction they are heading. Going to Melbourne? Go south. Going to Brisbane? Go north. It's simple.

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