Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lasers are pretty awesome

It seems lasers can do anything. I just saw an ad for a laser hair treatment that regrows hair on bald people 96% of the time. That amazes me because they have laser hair removal that is supposed to get rid of unwanted hair forever. How the fuck do the lasers know what they are supposed to be doing? If they get mixed up your girlfriend could quickly end up looking like Angry Anderson with a huge bush.

I'm happy that lasers are in such high use these days. Every old movie that showed life in the future had flying cars, people in shiny jump suits and lasers. Now we are in the future people still wear jeans and drive on the road but at least they are getting their bits zapped by lasers. I'm hoping pretty soon to have a mini light sabre just for chopping up vegetables and stuff. It wouldn't be as cool as a flying car but it would be pretty fucking cool.

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