Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shameful Shamwow

Infomercials can be quite compelling and encourage all sorts or weird desires. Without a doubt the most compelling infomercial of late has been that for Shamwow. I mean who’d have thought you could spill coca cola on a piece of white shag pile and simply suck it straight up with a towel? That’s really impressive. The dude presenting it is also so ultra persuasive that by the end of it you feel like an idiot for not owning one.

The main thing that stopped me buying a Shamwow was that I didn’t want to be a person who bought stuff off infomercials (especially something that had the word sham right there in its name). The other factor was that they cost $50 plus $10 postage which just seems like massive a rip off.

Today however I noticed the Shamezee at a Marrickville discount store. It costs just $5. Bargain! Doing my research online I worked out that the Shamezee is actually a cheaper version of the Shameze which is a cheaper version of the Shamwow. The box doesn’t mention what country the Shamezee is made in but it does say you’ll find a limited 10 year warranty inside. Sadly there is none so I’m just hoping my Shamezees manage to hang together and soak up my spillages for the next decade.

There is a 9 minute Youtube video comparing the Shamwow to the Shameze but after a minute and a half of viewing I realised that my life was sad, meaningless and disturbingly pathetic.

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