Sunday, March 29, 2009


Bullshitting about real estate just isn’t paying that well now that the recession has hit so I’ve developed a grand plan to do something all together different. It started off as a simple plan to go around Australia in a Mr Whippy van with Katy selling ice cream as we went. Then I started thinking about how I can pimp my ride…

Presentation is obviously critical in the mobile ice cream business and I plan on having a van that looks frickin awesome. The theme is Coneasauras - a new dinosaur that’s not a herbivore or a carnivore but an incecreamvore. I believe this will appeal to the two target markets of kids and stoners.

Ideally, I’d like to get the van made into the shape of Coneasauras but this may be expensive and cause my van to be deemed unroadworthy. I am willing to scale down to a more 2d representation however I would like the following incorporated:

- a moving arm and jaw so it looks like Coneasauras is eating an ice cream.
- Something which shoots a plume of dry ice frost out Coneassauras’ nostrils.
- Flashing, spinning or glow in the dark eyes for Coneasauras
- A speaker system that breaks up Green Sleaves with a few dinosaur roars.

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