Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why you should watch out for vegetarians

I was watching a documentary last night and came to discover that Hitler was a strict vegetarian. For someone so keen to embrace all Germanic this aversion to wurst and pork knuckle seems downright bizarre.

I've always believed that meat eaters are far happier people. Butchers are always jolly but on the rare occassion I go to a health food store the people serving have all looked grey-faced and depressed. If I couldn't eat as much as a slice of salami I reckon I'd be depressed too and probably a wee bit angry.

Could the Holocaust have been prevented by a sausage? It's a big call but all this desire to kill must have stemmed from some kind of misplaced anger. Perhaps the bombers of the twin towers didn't really hate America, they were just angry at not being able to enjoy barbecue pork.

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