Monday, March 23, 2009

Hooray for Stop and Go Chicks

It used to be that people with stop and go signs at roadwork sites had beer guts, beards and a penis but lately things have changed. Now they tend to be slim, fresh of face and in possession of a vagina. It’s a change I welcome.

When you are sitting in the car waiting for a bunch of council workers to actually do something it can be frustrating. If you have a stop and go girl to check out during this down time it becomes a tad more interesting. Intriguingly, most of the stop and go girls are Albury-Wodonga types i.e. they are borderline. Thus you get to spend those wasted minutes considering whether they are more Albury or Wodonga.

I think for some of the uglier ones they should allow them to forgo the standard issue reflective work wear and encourage them to put on a nice frock and some make-up. With a little bit of cleavage revealed many could achieve a more northerly status.

Ultimately I think they should aim to mirror the look of the girls at the boxing who walk around with the sign saying what round it is. They are pretty much the peak of the profession. We’d all be happy about roadwork then.

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