Friday, March 6, 2009

The Missing Link

For a while I've been concerned about Australia's bowling prospects. Are Peter Siddle and Bryce McGain really going to win us the Ashes?

My theory is that we need to look to the past - somewhere about 400,000 years ago. The chimps who we evolved from are incredibly strong and have really long arms. They would be perfect for bowling were it not for their ungamely run up. Homo erectus however was good at moving on his back legs yet still had the long, strong arms that would make him a bowling star. His arms would probably be really flexible as well, making him able to spin it like Murali.

Despite Andrew Symonds being called a monkey I just don't think he was monkey enough. Gladstone Small could well have been the missing link but he played for England so he was bound to be not much good.
Wow. That was really racist. Maybe I should join the Klan.

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