Thursday, March 19, 2009

Priests who love too much

I'm just watching something on World Movies about a young girl who is seduced by a priest. It got me wondering on a few fronts.

If you are a priest can you absolve yourself? It would be handy - just like a doctor who self prescribes.

Do priests call God boss? "Sorry boss, I stuffed up again. Are you going to yell at me this time or are you going to continue on with this silent treatment." It would be pretty awesome having a boss that never yelled at you but having to rely on some 2000 year old instruction manual could get frustrating. The robes look pretty comfy though.

There were no signs that the proest used a condom. Would the Pope at least be proud of him for that? (update - the girl is pregnant and she's getting a backyard abortion. Pope is double sad)

The girl had a bra that opened at the front. I've never come across one in real life though. Why aren't they way more popular? I'm not particularly dexterous at the best of times and being able to see what I'm doing would make life far easier for me.

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