Sunday, April 10, 2011

Making Formula 1 more exciting

I can get excited about pretty much any sport except for Formula 1 racing. The cars just go round and round and round while I sit there hoping to God there will be a crash. It's not that I want bad stuff to happen to the drivers, it's just that watching 100 laps of a car not crashing is really frickin dull.

To improve Formula 1 I would introduce a number of obstacles themed to each track. In Australia I'd release a whole lot of kangaroos, emus and wombats to dodge. In Spain I'd release a whole lot of bulls Pampalona style, while in Brazil they would all have to overtake massive Carnivale floats. For the British Grand Prix I'd just let loose a whole lot of drunken football hooligans. It would be a better spectacle and a better test of driver skill.

On every track I'd also have a loop the loop section like my brother and I had on our Scalextric set - that was wicked.

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