Tuesday, April 26, 2011

torture buns

While chowing down on a hot cross bun the other day I started to think, isn't this a bit frickin weird? I mean, how did it come to be that we celebrate Easter by eating spicy fruit buns decorated with an instrument of torture?

I guess it all started with a marketing meeting between the disciples where they brainstormed a logo for the church. I imagine it went something like this:

How about a glass of water that turns into wine?
I like it but how the hell are we going to print that? We don't have magic ink that goes from clear to red.

Ok, How about one of the other miracles then? What about a loaf and a fish?
I don't really know if people like fish sandwiches all that much. Maybe we could just do a fish? I find fish really hard to draw though so maybe we could just do a really simple fish.

Dunno, sounds okay but maybe we should just save that as a secondary symbol that people put on the back of their Carollas.
What the fuck is a Carolla?

Maybe we could do a star?
The Jews already have that.
Yeah but maybe we could paint the middle bit in red like New Zealand.
What the fuck is New Zealand?

Fuck it, let's just do a cross?
Isn't that a bit morbid?
Yeah but it is bloody easy to draw. it's settled, we're having a cross. Now go make me some spicy buns.

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