Friday, April 8, 2011

Thinking as punishment

It used to be that if you put snails down your sister's dress and squashed them your parents would give you a smack. It was fair enough and you could always tell how bad a thing you had done by how hard you were smacked (or by the implement chosen to smack you with). Somewhere along the line however parenting got all PC and the punishment of smacking was replaced with the punishment of having the child stand in the corner and think about what they had done. I believe this is why so many Gen Yers have turned out as mindless wankers.

When you make thinking a punishment it's natural kids will be far less likely to want to do it of their own accord. That's why you never see any Gen Y person just sitting in a quiet corner thinking. Instead they have wholeheartedly embraced facebook, twitter and any other distraction that means they won't have to spend time alone with their thoughts.

I put this theory out there not to castigate our youth but so that the next time you receive a tweet from some youngster describing what a fantastic crap they are in the process of doing you may understand why they are like that.

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