Thursday, April 2, 2009

How I will get rich via jigsaw puzzles

Most jigsaw puzzles contain really idyllic scenes. You might have some pretty flowers in the foreground, then a couple of deer and a few picturesque snow-capped mountains piercing a perfect blue sky. These are only ever completed on the most shithouse rainy days and serve only to make you really depressed that you are not at the awesome place on the picture but stuck inside with gran completing a jigsaw puzzle.

I’d like to make jigsaw puzzles that make you happy that you are where you are. Maybe I could use one of Lindy England’s Abu Grahib happy snaps. Something showing the direct aftermath of a suicide bomb could also work well. Of course, that would have the added difficulty of having lots of pieces with different body parts that don’t always meet up with each other. Slums, refugee camps and really bad public toilets would all be awesome in helping me build my jigsaw puzzle empire.

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