Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3 months in the slammer for writing a tag?

I really hope that chick spends her time in gaol well - my suggestion would be for her to go nuts and leave tags all over the place. In fact, I want to go visit her and smuggle in some spray paint and felt tip pens.

Thousands of years ago aboriginal people were going crazy, just leaving their marks on walls everywhere. These are now regarded as priceless and great lengths are taken to protect them. Instead of scrubbing away the work of young Cheyenne Back we really should get a park ranger to stand next to it and explain its cultural significance.

I did a great deal of work in my formative years etching profound statements into a school desk with the pointy part of my set of compass. "Pamela smells" was an important work deserving of preservation - not the punishment of detention. Others drew penises on the chairs, which I believe was less an act of vandalism and more a powerful statement regarding the ever present force of libido in the development of a young male.

Rather than stifling creativity we need to encourage it. Cheyenne, you should be given art lessons, not gaol.

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