Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unlimited Cricket

I believe cricket closely resembles relationships.

One day cricket is obviously like a one night stand and can be highly exciting unless one side fails to perform in which case it disappoints and you leave early.

20 over criket is more like having a root in a back lane - a cheap meaningless thrill which is exciting at the time but quickly forgotten.

Test match cricket resemles a holiday romance. You are there for five days, hanging out in the sunshine and you have a bit of a chance to find out about the other side, have a couple of innings and come away with another trophy.

What I believe we need is a form of cricket that resembles a marriage. Unlimited cricket would no doubt bore some but the purists would love it. Just imagine Ricky Ponting and his team playing against England in a match that never ends! Till death do us part - that would bring a whole new meaning to the Ashes. The in sickness and in health bit would also be interesting. There is no way you could pick Shane Watson in the team as he is bound to spend 30 of the next 50 years injured. The whole thing would no doubt become highly abusive and we could watch it all. Now I know you are thinking it would suck because it would preclude our stars from playing all sorts of other cricket but let's face it, they won't be faithful. There will be lots of one night stands and back alley roots. This has to be the future of cricket.

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