Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Does the old woman at the bakery have a thing for me?

I had a spinach and cheese triangle for lunch at the Annandale Vietnamese bakery today and it was tops. While I was sitting at the table enjoying it I was also contemplating what I should have next. I decided on a large chocolate donut with sprinkles (it was either that or a date scone and I decided to go for the kiddy option rather than than the grandpa option - I like bright colours). Anyway, I gave the woman my $1.50 and not only did she give me a big chocolate donut but she gave me a cinnamon donut as well! Score.

In the ten minutes I had been sitting there the woman hadn't given free donuts to anyone else. This led me to think, why am I so special? While I'm terrible at reading body language, the wink the big old bakery woman gave me as she placed the cinnamon donut in the paper bag did seem quite suggestive.

I had always fantasized about a relationship with a bakery worker who would fatten me up with croissants, pastries and donuts. The fantasy however involved a svelte young French woman, not a fat old Vietnamese woman. Still you can't complain about a free donut.

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