Tuesday, February 17, 2009

World peace - it can be done.

Beauty pageant contestants are always keen for world peace but I don’t feel they are being utilised effectively. Under my plan for world peace every beauty queen would get sent to live for one year in the country of their enemy.

My theory is that if the face of the enemy is drop dead gorgeous and attached to a hot body, it will change the way people think. If not, it will at least change the part of their brain they are using to think with and let’s face it, who ever thought of killing while they had a hard-on?

The beauty queens will also perform a vital secondary role – that of human shields. Can you imagine the US randomly bombing the shit out of Iraq if Ms Montana, Ms California and Ms Hawaii were hidden somewhere in the country?

I believe that whole “make love not war” thing makes a lot of sense. Instead of encouraging young people to become terrorists and indiscriminately blow up enemy civilians, they should be encouraging them to be sluts and indiscriminately blow enemy civilians. I reckon attitudes would change quickly and if the enemy did misbehave they could just deny them sex…

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