Saturday, February 14, 2009

My concerns re circus bears

People worry about the cruelty involved in teaching a circus bear to dance. Apparently they make them stand on hot coals so they have to hop from one leg to another. Frankly this doesn’t bother me so much because I believe the ends justifies the means. Seeing a bear dance is awesome and if I had received the same training in my youth I may now have some far better moves on the dance floor.

My concern is that the bears are tired. From my extensive studies (I watched a lot of Yogi Bear cartoons) I have learnt that bears hibernate during winter. Circus bears however just continually travel from one town to another performing all year round. As much as I like watching them riding a tricycle while wearing a funny hat sometimes you can tell there hearts just aren’t in it – they want to be asleep in a cave (or stealing a picnic basket).

If I was extremely sleep deprived and had massive claws I’d probably lash out at my handlers or cut up one of those annoying children who had come to interrupt my slumber with their high pitched squeals.

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