Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have grapes got weaker?

My right hand has been a bit dodgy ever since I spastically fell off my bike and broke both my arms. Since then I have been completely shit at opening bags of chips. I just use excessive force and they generally fly everywhere and then I have to eat them off the floor which I haven't swept since the last time I did that and then there is a mix of fresh chip crumbs and stale chip crumbs and I think I can tell the difference but I can't really until I taste it and it's not a chip at all but a dead insect which tastes mostly crunchy but a little bit squishy still.

I'm also shit at tearing off a bunch of grapes without making them all fall off and go rolling around amongst the chips and insects. I tend to resort to scissors. Lately however I have been far more successful. I don't think I've improved though. I believe grapes have just got weaker.

My other failing is that I like spring rolls but am far too impatient for them to cook. I end up eating a lot of spring rolls which are cold in the middle...

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